Intro The Basics Farming Housing
Note: This Tutorial is made in mind for Versions 1.5 and higher.

Hello! Welcome to the tutorial for Minicraft+

In Minicraft+, you find and craft resources to get deeper and deeper in the earth until your conquer all of the land (atleast that is what i do).
You can do anything in Minicraft+ really. You can build a huge dungeon in creative mode, go do a endurance round in the sky, blow up the surface
with tons of tnt, create the largest wheat farm known to man, etc, etc.

But I guess the main point is to survive. And lucky for you I can teach you some ways to help you survive. Lets start shall we?

The Basics

We can start with controls first. To move your chararter press the arrow keys in the direction you want. Besides moving you have 3 main buttons. Z, X, and C.
Z opens up your player crafting. This menu lets you craft minor items without a workbench. Like the hatchet, pick, a spade and also torches to light up areas at
night. X opens up your inventory when your near nothing, X also opens up the workbench/Furnace/Oven/Loom/etc when you get near that item. X is also the back
button in menus to exit out. C is your attack/Use/confirm button, By itself C will make you punch. With a Pick you can take down rocks easily, a Axe to trees, and
the Shovel can dig up sand/dirt. C will bring out items from your inventory and place furniture items.

Next we shall start with your Game Screen.

These two bars are Health & Stamina.
They each have 10 points each. Health is self explanatory, Stamina is the energy used when using the C button. If the bar is depleted, you will have to
wait until it recharges. As expected if all 10 hearts are gone, your dead. To heal hearts your hunger bar must be full. (more of that Below).

This here is your Item Bar & arrow count. The item bar will show your current item (if you have one selected). In survival mode you start off with 25 arrows, In
creative mode you have infinite amount of arrows to mess around with.

This is your hunger bar. Like Health & Stamina you have 10 points. If the bar is full, you regenerate health over time. When the bar is fully depleted, you lose
health. On easy mode you will lose hearts until you have 5 left, on Normal 3 hearts, and Hard mode you will starve to death. The way to replenish hunger is by
eating. The easist food source is apples, since lots of them drop from trees you punch. But apples only heal 1 point each. Bread is another option, see the farming
section on how to farm bread. Bread heals 2 points each. You can get meats from Pigs & Cows. Raw meats heal 1 point and cooked meat from the oven will heal 3 points.

This is some debug info that is slightly helpful to you. FPS is simply your frames per second, and tells you how well the game is running. Since the game is pretty small
You should have no problems with lag in the game. The X & Y are coordinates on the map, these can help you guide the way if your lost.

Now that you know the controls and what everything on the screen is, what to do first? The answer to that is like in minecraft: Punch Trees.

In your Inventory you have 3 Items, the Pow Glove, a Workbench, and a enchanter. The pow glove allows you to carry Items like the Workbench,
Enchanter, Furnace, TNT, Oven, Loom, Lanterns and Anvil. The workbench lets you craft many of the Items in the game. And the enchanter lets you craft
two special items in the game. The golden apple, and grass seeds. Golden apples heal all 10 hunger points and grass seeds turn dirt into grass.

You can craft torchs in player crafting(Z) with 1 wood and 1 coal, torchs light up a small area on the surface to prevent mobs from spawning.
(Note: Torchs do not work anywhere else but the surface)

Now once you collected about 5 wood, take out your workbench and craft a wooden pickaxe to knock down some rocks. You can also use a pick
from your Z crafting, but picks don't give out coal which will be needed later. Collect more stone & wood to make more tools.

Here is a chart for what each tool does:

So you got a full set tools, got some extra stuff done and now what to do? Now you find some stairs leading down.

"But I cannot see anything down there!". Well I forgot to mention you need a lantern to light the way! To craft one you need 10 wood, 5 slime, and 4 glass.
Wood is easily found by punching down trees, Glass is crafted in the furnace with 1 piece of sand and 1 coal, slime is found by killing slime monsters at night.

Once you collected your materials, made the lantern, and are infront of the stairs. It's time to go into the depths!

In these depths you will find Iron, Lapis, and lots of enemies! I'm not kidding, unlike the surface enemies will spawn down here 24/7. You can dig trenches
to block off mobs from coming torwards you. And some of them will be red, that means they are harder than before.

Once you find Iron, use a pickaxe (a stone one would be best) to take it out and get its ore. Once you have about 40 ore go into the furnace and smelt it all.
You should get 10 ingots, 5 to make a anvil and another 5 to make another tool. I would either say make a Pickaxe or a Sword.

Once you got your way around, got some more iron tools, and found the next stair case. It's time to go even deeper!

Now I won't really elaborate that much because it is pretty much a rinse and repeat kind of thing. You find Gold in the next layer to get better tools.
Yes Gold is better than Iron, and I like it that way. After you get your gold tools it's time to go even deeper into a place filled with lava! Are we in hell?
Yeah.. err... No... umm... Your in the nether, a place filled with lava, Gems, and tons of Hard leveled enemies to fight! Now you might notice a purple room
at (X 62, Y 62). You will have to come back to that later. For now make your Gem tools and head back to the surface.

Now if you have explored the surface, you've probably seen one of these:

These stairs lead up into the sky. Where you will face off against the Air wizard.

The Air Wizard has 2000 health (But he has a percentage meter so divide by 20). Having a sword is recommended for when he is on the cloud
and a bow when he is out flying. The Air Wizard is the guardian of the dungeon. Remember that Purple room I was talking about? Yeah that is
the entrance. To break down the walls you need either a Gold or Gem pickaxe, and defeat the airwizard (That's why i told you to wait for it).

Once you defeat the Air Wizard it is time to go all the way back down to h... I mean the nether and break those walls down!

Now in the dungeon there are two mobs: the Knight which drops Shards to upgrade your sword in the Anvil, and Snakes which drop scales to make
scale armor (4 points).

And now... your done! There is really nothing else to the game besides farming & other small stuff which i will make sections later. This is endgame stuff.
I hope you learned something. If you have any questions PM me either on the Minecraft fourms (I am David Minecraft) or on youtube (MinicraftPlus) or
twitter (@MinicraftPlus).


On the tool chart above you saw a tool called a hoe (No not that kind of hoe, get your head out of the gutter!). The hoe tills dirt and turns it into farmland.
Now that you have some farmland, it's time to plant some seeds. What? You don't have any? Well then i guess i have to tell you everything! oh wait...
this is a tutorial. Never mind that last sentence, even if you can read it. I'm not gonna bother deleting it. Well back to the topic, to get seeds you either
need a hoe or shovel. shoveling/tilling grass sometimes gives you seeds. It's a good idea to use a shovel since it gives a lot more seeds like so:

So you planted some seeds in the farmland and you think that's it? WELL NO! How dare you think I'm that lazy. (even though I am usually am >_<).
There is a way to grow wheat 2x as fast! All you gotta do is put water next to farmland(even in a corner). This chart will explain it:

Now just wait for the seeds to fully grow and now your ready for harvest!

After you got tons of wheat, make a oven (if you haven't already) then make the wheat into bread which heals 2 hunger points each!

And that's it for now. If I add anything else to grow it will be here.


Note: I've made a few changes in 1.6 so they will be listed here with a * next to them.

Want to set up a base? or have a protected place to sleep with your awesome wool design? want to know how the hell to place them walls & doors?
This is the section for you. There are 2 types of materials to use for housing, Wood & Stone. Wood is made up of planks,plank walls, and wood doors.
Stone is made up of St.Brick (stone brick), St.brick walls, and stone doors. The wood materials can be made in player crafting (Z):

With 1 wood you can make a plank (2 planks in 1.6*), 3 planks will make a wall, and 5 planks will make a door. Stone tools are made in the workbench:

Like the wood conterpart; 2 stone will give you 1 st.brick (2 in 1.6*), 3 st.brick will give you a wall, and 5 st.brick will make you a door. It really does
not matter which material you use, because it's more on design. there is nothing special with either one. so you can chose on of these:

You can also be fancy like me and install a carpet in your house with wool.

How do you get this fancy wool you say? That is easy my friend. Just kill a lot of sheep. Now how do you color the wool? Well first you need to create
a loom. A loom can be made in the workbench with 10 wood and 5 wool. What are the ingredients of the colored wool? You can look at it yourself,
you lazy ass, but I guess I have to make a chart for you anyways.

You can get Roses from knocking out some flowers, Lapis is found with veins on each of the layers that have ore, Cactus is found in deserts
Flowers are found on the surface along with trees, and Coal can be collected by using a pickaxe on stone.

You made a mistake? You can take down Wool with a shovel/spade, wood materials with a Axe/Hatchet, and stone materials with a

You can only place Wood Walls/Doors on planks and Stone Walls/Doors on st.bricks. You can only place Wool, Planks, and St.bricks in
Holes and water (also lava for st.brick). You don't know how many people ask me this same question of where to place them, so in 1.6
I've added a annoying pop-up message saying where to put them if you try to place them somewhere else.

Well that should be it for housing, If I missed anything make sure to let me know!