Hey guys, guess whos back? Yeah I took a 2 month haitus, but now I'm back with some fresh energy to work
on Minicraft+. The save system I have been working on didn't work out, but Dylan (Dillyg10) is working on a
new one that will be way better. As of right now I'm working on the dungeon, and finishing up the torch system.

By the way, I've updated Minicraft+ to 1.4 if you haven't noticed.

Well a new month is upon us, man does time fly. Well nothing real new has happened. Still working on the save system.

Well now I'm at the map part of the saving system, probably the biggest part to it. I mean, who wants to be forced to start
a new map every time you load the page? Now, I'm going to be more honest. I've been procrastinating for almost a week.
This save system has been going insane for me. I'm writing this from scratch (with some help from google of course) and
it has been complicated for me since I started off new to Java (My first major coding language) when I started Minicraft plus.
But no more excuses, I will get this done, after that I will work on the Torch system and depending on how Dylan is doing we
might release Test 1.4.

Wow I'm terrible at this. How long has it been? A week? Sorry guys. I will try to keep up the site updated. Just been a bit
busy with life lately. I have made progress with the save system a bit, but not a whole lot. But, I have started on something
that should've been in Test 1.3, Torches. They light up tiles around them and prevent hostile mobs from spawning. Now I'm
just going to say this: It will take a while, Please be patient with us. I know this update has been slower coming than others, but
It will be worth it!

Sorry for not really updating the site blog, well I doubt anyone reads it now but it's still is a good practice. I've been sick
these past few days, which sucks a lot. But hey, The save system works now(Sort of). Right now Time, Health, and Hunger
save. There is still a lot more to do left, The trickiest I think is saving the world, but it shouldn't be a problem. Yeah, the next
per-release will not be out for a while. I hope that Dylan has more luck than me at this point in his leveling system.

Well not much has happend. I'm sort of stuck with the save/load system. Saving works fine. Loading however doesn't want
to work. For some reason the loaded data turns null (nothing). I'll try and figure this out. I know the issue, just don't know
how to fix it yet. The next pre-release will probably be out in atleast a week if I can solve this issue, or just not include saving.

A new month has begun! Huzzah! I'm still coding the Save System. It's coming along nicely, But it still isn't close to done yet.
We are now giving away a FREE minecraft code if we win :D, So please vote for us! Link below the paragraph. And it's been
a Month since Dylan(Dillyg10) joined the Team. It seems that time has been blowing by fast for me this year. Also I can't wait
for Pikmin 3 to come out! :3


Wow, It's already the end of the first month of the year! I feel that this year will be short, Hopefully we wont die by December.
Anyways, Dylan (the other coder) is hard at work making the leveling system, while I'm trying to figure out how i'm going to
do the Save system. It's hard because I have never done anything like this. I'm doing some research and looking up tutorials
to see if that will help. But hopefully I can get a Save system working, I hope...

Also, Don't forget to vote for our mod for the contest {}

Well I just "Created" the website today (I use that in quote marks because this website has been up for hosting the mod).
Increased the sites storage by 100 mb, increased Bandwidth by 1GB because of connection issues, also now made an new
download page. You can download an version down to Test 1.2 ( I had removed 1.0 and 1.1 :[ ). Test 1.4 is going good. I
just added the Loom today and sheep + pigs :3. My partner has finshed the hunger system and did a few redisigns to the
main menu. I am just glad to get the site back up and running because getting the extra bandwidth was a pain in the ass.